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Singapore Job Vacancy

Cleaning Supervisor-- Order No. AIS 101202- Service. S-Pass

Salary: $ 2200-2600 ( Salary, housing/ transport / Other allowance, in total)
Working hour and days: 12 hours *6 day, Rest day might not fixed on Sunday,

HSS Cleaners --Order code: AKS101201- Ex-SG maid, WP

Salary: SGD1245-1275/month (including housing, transport, all allowance)
OT: $6/hour
Working days and hours:
Six days a week. 44 hrs per week .
One rest day a week but cannot promise on Sunday, depending on schedule

Restaurant Waitress / Waiter / supervisor-Order No: AZA1020101, S-pass

SGD 1600-1800 + 200 Housing
Meal provided
Working hour: 12 Hours per day and 2 rest day per month

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